Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Art of Life.

Today was there.
I woke up, had a protein shake, and straightened my hair.
I went to school.
I like my anatomy class, that book would help.
My dress went well with black tights.
Her face was insane.
He wrapped his arms around me, and wouldn't let go.
She actually looked impressed.
He liked it, too. Wowzers.
They were crunchy grapes.
I painted it red.
They all raved about mine. It was gory.
She kept singing 'Switch.'
I bit my necklace.
We talked of our futures.
I want that rainbow hair.
I also want a lizard.
And some other stuff.
I would choose octopus, I would challenge them.
I love his smell.
I cried.
I read.
Now i'm exhausted,
Goodnight, Moon.
and what the heck, Goodnight to all the rest of you.
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