Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tunics, books, twizzlers, & tears.

sometimes, i like change.
but not right now.

it astounds me that school starts next week...
this is the year that really matters.
^^i did this in honor of my favoritest movie.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Crying Wolf

You never believed what i had to say
Just too hard for you to convey
You wore your judgement free and loose,
Getting your morals from mother goose.

I let the hurt out more and more,
Senseless knocking at my door
With twisted hair and twisted veins,
Rusted tears and window panes.

You'll never know the itch of sting,
You'll never know the pain you bring.
Scars from years of mind abuse,
'Ask a pharmacist before use.'

Do not take more than is directed,
Just enough to feel connected.
The quantity taken, an overdose
I can feel it now, I'm getting close.

It was fun this time, this game of trust.
But now all that has turned to dust.
Taking more than you allow,
Maybe you will listen, now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

you're so naive, you're so.

People look at others through rinsed over eyes, to see only the things that please their minds. But when you really get to know that person, they don't seem as wonderful as you imagined.
So then you think how great it is to be yourself, and how you are wonderful indeed.
But what, may I ask, happens when you don't like yourself one bit?

On Sunday, my best friend and I stood on the side of a state highway with a "Honk For Peace" sign. I felt like we made a difference.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

black licorice.

sometimes i wish i was invisible,
and sometimes i wish i was not.
sometimes i love the way i am,
and sometimes i hate every little thing about myself.
but one thing that is definite...
is that i will never care about what people think of me.
and you can't change that.
i found this. it spoke to me. i like it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the tide.

live the moment.
trust me on this one, guys.
live the moment.
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

potatos and glow sticks.

this weekend was interesting:
-the haunted mansion juice was excellent.
-her layers were sick.
-i wanted that whole store.
-i finally got to be in his arms.
-my new addictions are thai food & arizona.
-that smoothie was awful.
-his hair......hah.
-i was supposed to cherish it. whoops.
-bad fireworks music, bad.
-that lady wanted dots...and i wouldn't give them to her.
-it upsets me that everyone keeps leaving. especially her.
-birch. beer. and bandannas.
-i was a rebel.
-we danced and ate the whole bag.
-the gutter man liked the australian.
-i saw the scars.
-he held my tote.
-he called her the prettiest. us others felt weird and humored.
-i was scared in the haunted ride.
-all she would eat were those bananas.
-herm didn't leave. & then we watched the cows chip on the shocker field.
-i guess i'm a health nut.
-he wanted to pet the bunny.
-we jumped with the carni.
-they called me a hippie.
-we are going to own a pink cow farm. then we can have all the strawberry milk we want.
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i need to edit my life. then again, maybe i don't. maybe i just need to live it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


we're only human.
and humans change.
humans mold and form themselves into their surroundings and interests.
it's what humans do.

and i think humans expect too much from other humans.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

did i tell you that i'm actually a werewolf?

it's scary to think about the rest of your life.
i don't like it.
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man, i love new inspirations.

Monday, August 3, 2009

a memoir of the weekend.

we sat in the trunk.
the yogurt was not the right way.
i had to wear his sock.
it was exactilly 5 minutes.
the upper level is better than a fast food booth.
we skipped and sang MJ.
i like strawberry the best.
that list should have been of what's great.
too many pieces.
the humidity was awful.
he suggested his son.
old memories were brought back.
shakespeare and seuss.
she was pretty chill.
i was leaving.
i dyed.
we rolled around.
there was a battle of the mixes.
yeah. man.
it was exactilly 50 minutes.
i danced, once again.
i miss him.
i think i will play the role of a poet, now.